Using A Straight Blade Saw To Create Curves

Woodworkers have a unique talent of being able to take a piece of wood and create a masterpiece. A woodworker is only as good as his tools, however, so making sure you have a plentiful stock of quality tools is needed.   In order to get the desired shape and appearance of what you plan… Read more »

Types Of Molding To Create For Your Newborn’s Room

Do you have a newborn on the way?   If so, the top item on the to-do list for any parent to be is to take care of the nursery, but it can be easily forgotten about considering the other million stressors during a pregnancy.   As the days come closer to the due date… Read more »

Steps To Take When Creating And Woodworking A Picnic Table

Do you not have any plans for the upcoming weekend, and are looking for a nice project to do with the family or by yourself?   Making a picnic table is the perfect project to take on and you do not need much experience with woodworking to take this project on.   There are only… Read more »

Common Woodworking Project For Your Home

Ever looked at a spot your house and thought that something would go perfectly in that spot?   We all have and many of us may come up with an idea but don’t think we are capable of creating it. The truth is there a ton of small items wooden items we can create for… Read more »

Making Molding Cuts With Molding Tools

After a while, the molding in our homes needs to be replaced. Now we could simply go out and hire a professional but the reality is we can cut the new molding ourselves using the proper tools.   Now when it comes to making the cuts it can be done one of two ways: by… Read more »

The Tools That Woodworking Beginners Need

Woodworking can be looked as a hobby or as a profession. For those with a passion of turning everyday lumber into something useful or unique, it can be both.   That’s why it pays (literally) to have the right tools for the job.   If you are someone who is just breaking into the woodworking… Read more »

Matching The Color Of Stain

Often with a restoration or replacement project, you’re looking to take out a broken or worn piece of trim or ornamentation and replace it with a freshly cut and colored piece.   While matching the cut can be done several different ways, as we’ve previously discussed, matching the color can sometimes be a more difficult… Read more »

Create Great-Looking Cabinet Doors With The Frame-And-Panel Method

Whether you’re a crafty hobbyist or a serious DIYer, you might be interested to know that cabinets are quite easy to make if you have the right tools and a little bit of expert advice.   To class up an outdated kitchen, add a little something extra to a living or dining area, or finish… Read more »

Create a Unique Look with Custom Door Moulding

The colder months are slowly but surely approaching, and with winter on its way, it’s important to do all you can to prepare your home for freezing temperatures. As you go about the business of cleaning gutters and sealing up roof and window leaks, you might also need to take a look at your home’s… Read more »

Duplicating Historical Mouldings

We hear from woodworkers everyday that they have looked all over the Web for a specific moulding detail, and “no one makes it.” With all the mouldings that have been created in the past 200 years or so, it’s not surprising that we see profiles every day that are unique and interesting. Often we are… Read more »