Moulder Heads

MOULDER HEADS from W. Moore Profiles, Ltd. are made of steel, not aluminum, for maximum strength and durability. We machine to very close tolerances to ensure that they fit your machine precisely and make mouldings that are as smooth as possible.

To select the right head for your application follow these three simple steps:

1. Find the correct size for your machine

 • For most shapers, select by spindle diameter, and maximum 
   spindle length under the nut.

 • For moulders, consult your owner's manual for recommended cutting diameters.

2. Use the chart "Recommended cutting angles" (see catalog page 6) to determine which hook angle
    you need.

As a rule of thumb, harder woods cut best with lower cutting angles, while softer woods cut best with higher cutting angles. For shops that cut a  variety of wood species, the dual hook angle heads may be a good solution.  For the same price as a standard 4 pocket head, you can get 2 pockets for hard woods and 2 pockets for soft woods.

3. Find out how many knife pockets you need from the chart “Recommended knife marks per inch."
   (see catalog pg 6) 

Tooling costs can be kept to a minimum by using the lowest number of knives needed for your application.
  For example, log siding can have a lower finish quality than furniture parts.